Knowledge, Resources, and On-Time Completion

Nicholas Construction’s successful completion on time of major projects for all of our project owners indicates thorough knowledge, based on the experience and ingenuity of our team. Even more, it shows an ability to cooperate smoothly with all concerned, from the contracting agency to the tradesmen on site.

Our commitment to safety, familiarity of the area, sources of materials, labor and climatic conditions enable the company and projects to be a success.

Nicholas Construction relies on the concentrated knowledge of business specialists in addition to technical experts. We engage competent consulting engineering firms for advice on major design and special problems. We are proud to say that we finish every contract we begin.

State-of-the-Art Processes

We rely on the best available technology from estimating to project documentation to project closeout. We keep accurate records for the next generation of engineers and constructors. From inception to completion of a project, Nicholas Construction places appropriate emphasis on master planning as a significant element in the successful and rapid completion of the project. The value of this method becomes evident upon examination of the great variety of incidental problems which must be foreseen and solved before work can start. Plans must be made for good organization and work flow; from safety and environmental, to shoring and cofferdams. During the past 15 years, the company has been associated with government and private contracts valued at over $100 million.

Our 29 years’ experience makes us the most qualified and reliable general contractor in the region.